uc_0079 (uc_0079) wrote,

#3 Confusion

(with large, broad letters that take up about two lines each, though they're in the same handwriting)
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? I was fighting King Kong, who was under mind control from this loudmouthed twerp alien, and something happened and the Gundam increased several times in size, like one of those super-robots. It made it a lot easier to defeat him, and it was fun, but now I need to get the thing back to normal.
Also, I need to get myself back to normal or I'll have to live in the White Base's dock or something. I have no idea what caused it. I bet it's some weird Planar physics hiccup. The doctors can fix it, I'm sure. Maybe I should go find Char and scare him.

Shinji was there fighting, too, in the Unit 01. He beat up this giant dog monster and did really well, too! I sort of feel like Shinji and I are friends, now. I hope so. When he isn't freaking out or putting himself down, he's a cool guy.

I would write more, but I'm running out of space. I can't write small like this.

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