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#10 Holidays

It's almost Christmas. Christmas was never really a big deal at my home. We had a tree and the immediate family would gather, and we'd do gift exchanges, but nothing big. It was even less of a big deal after Dad and I moved to Side 7, since he was lucky to get a few days off during the holidays, and tended to be absorbed in his work even when his days were off.
And this Christmas, I'm going to be on a military base in South America. If all goes well, and we're not slowed down, we'll be in Jaburo very soon. I do not know where we will be ordered to go there. The officers said they had "something" of importance there, but I don't know what it is. It probably has to do with why the request for a second Gundam NT-1 was denied.
I gave Tatsuki her present. She really, really really liked the little Haro, and now I just hope that everyone else doesn't kill me. (Haro is not that popular, for some reason! I can't figure out why.) I'm getting over my shyness finally, and she says I'm getting better at this "romance stuff." It isn't so scary when I get used to it. Others will get presents as soon as I can get them there. I hope they're okay with it, because I'm not very good at picking out gifts.
Something will happen today. Nothing severe or major, but something of note. I don't know what it is. Just that it will happen.
I would be lying if I say I never worry about the future, but sometimes the future speaks to me, so it's hard to ignore.
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