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#11 I Forgot I Had This Thing

I thought I'd lost this journal, but it was actually just under a pile of engineering books the whole time. Maybe Bright has a point about keeping my quarters tidy.

Girl: We broke up. Tatsuki and I broke up, I mean. It was no one's fault, and it wasn't as painful as it could have been. It just ended. I still feel kind of lonely, though. Valentine's Day sucked juuuuust a bit.

Complications: I can't say very much in case someone at HQ does find this journal, but I feel bad for a friend of mine, who hit a lot of romantic complications with the guy she likes. Actually, I like to think they're both friends, at least on some level. I hope things work out for them, even though from a logical standpoint, they're kind of screwed. I blame the war.

Space: We're going back there, on the White Base. It's official as of this morning, but it's no surprise. I'm not sure what to think. The White Base is crowded and unpleasant sometimes, but it feels more like a home than Jaburo ever did. And I miss the stars the feeling of space. I miss space. So it's OK.

Dreams: I've had a few dreams about someone I've never met. Doesn't even make any sense. I'll be doing whatever I'm doing in the dream and then there she is. I can't even remember what she looks like when I wake up, just that it's the same girl. I'd talk to a shrink about it, but I don't know if the military psychologists here are equipped to deal with Newtypes or teenagers.

Gundam I've been using the G-3, a variation on the RX-78 model. It's silver and violet-blue. I like those colors. And I won't make the same mistakes I did before-this one is going to last me through the war.

More later, I guess.
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