uc_0079 (uc_0079) wrote,

#12 Overwhelming

She: Her name is Lalah. She is close to my age, from the colonies. To say she is a Newtype like me would be a lie; she is unlike any Newtype I have ever encountered. There is some kind of tie between her mind and mine-not the short bursts I feel when fighting the Red Comet or the White Wolf, but some kind of current. It's as if I can really see her thoughts, or feel them, or whatever my mind does.
It isn't just that drawing me to her, either. She's kind and gentle, polite to everyone and generous. There's something graceful and elegant about her. She reminds me of some kind of princess.
For all I say this, I still don't know very much about her. I suspect I can only really see part of her heart.

Things: That's what they were. They were things. They found and recovered the lost Jupitoris ship, and we went to investigate, led by Major Sanger. There were things aboard, vicious, inhuman creatures with claws. Being around them was painful-they just radiated hatred. They weren't demons or ghosts, like the beings that haunted Karakura. Nono identified them as STMC, the monsters from her plane. The only STMC we'd encountered up until then was that goddamned monster inside Titan. If that was one of them...
I really just hope the monsters aboard that ship were the only visitors.
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