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It's been a while since I wrote anything! But I think I can remember things pretty well. Quick summary: Still a Newtype, still killing other soldiers, I think it's up near 200 now but the military higher-ups aren't being clear about it. I suspect that's exaggeration, but I don't really keep track. I don't know what that makes me. Bright Noah's been a little less of a jerk lately. The Commander's been pretty down lately, but he's getting a little better; we're gonna throw a party for him to cheer him up, just in case.
Called Mom; she fled Vancouver and is living somewhere up north. Still doesn't want to talk to me very much. It's fine, she's okay and not everyone wants a soldier for a kid. She's the one who ditched me in the process of ditching Dad, so it's nothing new. I'm not really angry anymore. For the archaelogist who digs this up 100 years later and wonders why I don't mention a mom very much, there you go. Shinji's friend Kaji is looking for Dad...
So that this doesn't become another whiny entry, um.
I have a girlfriend! Hayato keeps teasing me about it. There was a cute girl named Tatsuki Arisawa who I met in that ghost-afflicted town, Karakura, a couple of months ago. I asked her out finally. Our first date ended disastrously because we were in Cairo and Zeon attacked. (Go me.) Our second didn't end much better when I tried to steal a kiss too early and she threw me into the kitchen. (Go me.) And then she got kidnapped by giant aliens, but she's back and our dates have been going a lot smoother. I know it sounds weird, but she's cute and independent, and wants to protect people, like me. We have that in common, we just do it in different ways.
She's part of the reason why I'm trying not to worry about what Haman Karn said about Newtypes, and what that weird...floaty...space magnet guy said about us. I mean, what he said is probably somewhat true. Even Mint told us that people who are different will be treated differently. I half-suspect it weirds people out when I predict or "hear" things; Shinji said as much, and the fact that two, um, I can't explain this too well but feelings came true probably just makes it worse. Deep down, I worry that I will change too much, or people will think I have. I mean, I still hate the war, but I like what I have right now. I have friends, and a girlfriend and something like a home on the White Base, and it's almost like people give a crap about me. I don't want that to change! Even if other people don't always hear or see the same things I do...I don't even know where I was going with that.

I guess what I mean is, I just want to be a weirdo with all the other weirdos.

That was an incredibly stupid way to put it, but English was never my area of expertise. (If/when I go to college, I'll probably major in mathematics or engineering. Though at this rate, I'll probably end up in a military academy or something.) Anyway, it's the best way I can put it. I guess it'd be a little harder for me if I didn't have friends outside of the Gate, because I'm the only Newtype I've met who was on the Federation side. Char, the pilot of the Mobile Armor, Haman, they're all my enemies. (And two out of three of them are jerks.) But Newtypes aren't better or worse! I can't get people to see this.

Um, what else, had my medical examination this morning, had to clean my quarters, again, reclaimed Haro from Langley's lair, and Shinji and Mint should never drink alcohol, ever. Like not even a beer.

More later.
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