uc_0079 (uc_0079) wrote,

#8 Before Odessa

(This entry is a little more "colorful" than the others. There are some doodles in the margins. They are surprisingly good for marker doodles.)

Today, about eight or nine hours from now, we're leading an assault on Odessa Base. We might die! But I'm not worried about that. It's strange, I haven't been worried about anything like that all week. Maybe I am just lightening up (lightning doodle?) after so many people have told me to stop being a walking cloud of doom.

It happened at the same time I caught this cold on Pluto, but I still think that's coincidence! I mean, unless I have an alien brain cold that is keeping me from freaking out and putting me in a good mood. I can't see why an alien brain cold would do that. Wouldn't it just make someone into a zombie, like in the sci-fi movies? I've read comics, I know how this goes! (A doodle of someone with swirly eyes and a zombie walk)

And there's no reason why it would put me on a justice kick and make me a more effective pilot! Uh, well, I guess effective isn't the word. Flashy! I never cared much about flashy before, but lately I just really want to strike terror in the enemy's heart. I've been too reserved in battle! Holding back doesn't do any good. (A little SD Gundam. Is it doing a Char Kick?)

I do worry a little bit, because something I said really upset Tatsuki, and in retrospect, it didn't make a whole lot of sense. It just came out! We made up and everything, and I hugged her. I haven't hugged someone since, well, I carried Frau in Side 7 but that doesn't really count because she was hurt I don't even know. It felt really nice. (It looks like he started drawing little hearts here, until he caught himself and stopped.)

But I'm sure the mission today will go well. I don't have any doom-sense or anything, and I know I'll be able to protect all my friends. And Matilda will be there with us! Maybe tomorrow, I'll let Rook look at the Gundam like she wants, provided it's in decent condition.
(He drew a happy-looking SD Gundam at the bottom of the page.)
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